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Our Story

This was not an overnight discovery. A streamline of real events in our lives led to the ah-ha moment to create radialhub.

It started with...





A deck built in a matter of weeks with the help of a friend who loved home renovations and wanted to help get the job done...



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A wedding which needed someone with strong organizational skills to oversee the entire event...





A custom baby shower cake which needed to wow guests and make the day unforgettable...

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A website built for a local soccer club, including a revamped design and new automation processes...

Even though each of these 4 events were unique and distinct in their own way, they all shared a common similarity: the people we hired for projects were all within our network, most of whom had highly exceptional skill levels we never even knew about! And none of them had thought to market their talent or turn it into a paid career or side gig, as it was not part of their “day job”.

What if there was a place designed to empower and promote all types of skills? Rethinking the way in which we view skills, broadening the notion to include more diversity, outside of the traditional “Career Path”? It's about time we rethink the way in which services and income are created, and move towards a more modern approach where people have the opportunity to redefine how and when they work.

And that’s how radialhub was born.