8 Clever Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Freelance Work

Clever Ways to Get Inspiration for Your Freelance Work

When you’re working in the gig economy, it can be tough to find inspiration for your work. That’s not to say freelancers aren’t motivated, far from it, actually. Only that to be a successful freelancer, you need to be creative, inspired, and able to generate original ideas. In this post, we look at clever sources of inspiration for three freelancer roles, including writers, photographers, and virtual assistants. You will find that some of the tips we introduce are attributable to other freelancers, too, so hopefully, you will take inspiration from this advice.

Inspiration for freelance writers. 

Follow influential bloggers within your niche. 

While it’s not okay to simply copy someone else’s blog posts, following influential accounts within your niche will give you tips and ideas for topics and potential collaborations. Writers that you admire might touch upon an issue that you’re passionate about, and you may want to offer a slightly different view on the same topic. Filling your social media timeline with work from other writers is a great way to find inspiration for upcoming posts.

Make use of title generators. 

Title generators are a Godsend for writers. Using a tool like Tweak Your Biz Title Generator can give you a whole heap of ideas from a simple search. All you have to do is type in the generic topic that you wish to write about, and the generator will come up with several potential titles that you could use. This guides your research and provides a framework for upcoming posts that you hope to write.

Turn a podcast or YouTube video into a blog. 

By making use of media like podcasts and YouTube videos, you can listen to your favourite shows and take inspiration from the topics being introduced and discussed. You can link to the media in your blog post and offer your opinion on the content. This is also an excellent way to organically build your network and identify potential collaborations. If you compliment other people on their work and offer your thoughts, they’re likely to get in touch with you and start a conversation.

Inspiration for self-employed photographers. 

Carefully curate your Instagram timeline. 

If you’re a self-employed photographer, you’ve almost certainly got an Instagram account. The photo-sharing social media platform is an ideal place to get inspiration for future shoots and upcoming features. But you need to be careful about which accounts you follow and interact with. You should try and follow accounts of fellow photographers who consistently post quality content. By engaging with their posts, they will appear prominently on your timeline. You can then spend a few minutes looking through their work, which will hopefully provide you with some information.

Scroll through stock libraries. 

Free stock libraries like Pexels have extensive collections of images from photographers all around the world. You can use the search bar to look for particular images and see what other photographers have shared. The quality of images is extremely high, and you will almost certainly find some images that inspire you to head outside with the camera!

Go for a walk with your camera. 

Sometimes we all need some fresh air to clear our minds and re-focus our energy. If you’re struggling with your creativity, leave your phone at home and head out on foot with only your camera for company. Don’t plan your route; just look at what’s happening around you. It’s easy to forget that life goes on as normal when we’re working to deadlines or are particularly stressed with a project. Heading out for a walk with your camera is an excellent way to find some inspiration for future shoots.

Inspiration for virtual assistants. 

Keep a journal and add inspiring quotes. 

When your work includes taking on tasks for other freelancers and entrepreneurs, it’s easy to forget to focus on your own self-development. By keeping a personal journal as a freelance assistant, you can make a note of things to improve on, as well as things you’re particularly pleased with. To inspire you while you’re writing in your journal, search for inspiring quotes that you can add to the pages, which will remind you of why you chose this work in the first place.

Keep track of your projects and achievements. 

If you work on multiple projects for several clients, ensure you keep track of your progress and achievements. If you’ve helped your client achieve a particular outcome, then celebrate it! You should also note snippets of praise and excellent feedback that you’ve received and use these to form your portfolio. Feeling appreciated and acknowledging your achievements is an excellent way to take inspiration as a virtual assistant.

Closing thoughts. 

Regardless of the type of freelance work that you do, you need to be inspired to complete your daily tasks. Sometimes you need to think outside the box and look for unusual ways to find inspiration, and hopefully, these eight clever tips will help to encourage and inspire you. Whatever happens, don’t forget why you chose to be a freelancer, and enjoy all of the wonderful freedom the lifestyle affords you!

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