Ten Easy Steps to Actually be a successful freelancer on RadialHub

Ten Easy Steps to Actually be Successful on RadialHub

So, you want to become a successful freelancer on RadialHub? Our platform has been designed with gigsters in mind to ensure you are fully supported when you’re looking for clients and undertaking projects. Below are ten easy steps to getting started on RadialHub, and building a profile that is sure to attract clients and kickstart your freelance career.

Sign up (as a gigster). 

To benefit from RadialHub and to market your freelance services, you first need to sign up. Signing Up with RadialHub is free. While RadialHub does not differentiate between a Gigster and a Client (benefit: you can be both), your profile may lean towards that of a Gigster if you are offering services. To create an account simply enter your name and email address, then you’re ready to get set up and look for clients.

Create a killer profile. 

You need to invest some time and effort into creating a killer profile that gets noticed. It’s not enough just to upload a picture, write a short bio, and hope for the best. You need to tell your potential clients exactly why they should hire you and provide proof that you’re the right person for the job. Along with a bio and profile picture, you should also add skill tags. Tags is an important way to summarize your skills. RadialHub uses tags as one of the matching fields when looking for potential matches. One of the best things about RadialHub is the fact you can showcase your talents in various ways, as we explain in the next few points.

Showcase your portfolio. 

Your potential clients will want to know why they should hire you. But they will also want to see proof of your skills and abilities, particularly in the early days. As such, spend time uploading evidence of previous work you’ve carried out and showcase it on your RadialHub profile. The best way to showcase your work is through Projects in RadialHub. You can upload rich media that demonstrates your skill. RadialHub does not limit the number of projects you can create to showcase your skills; so go crazy. Even if you’re just starting out, create a portfolio that demonstrates your skills, not necessarily your work experience. You may also want to consider taking on some pro-bono work to develop your marketability. Each Project allows you to enter tags so you can really diversify and highlight all the exciting work you have done.

Build your personal network. 

One thing that stands RadialHub apart from other freelancer sites is the ability to build your personal network on the platform. You can invite your friends and colleagues to join you on RadialHub and look at the gigs you offer. By bringing your friends to the platform, you have the opportunity to collaborate with them on specific projects and identify upcoming jobs from within their networks. RadialHub considers your personal network to be quite large; friends of your friends and beyond. So when you apply for gigs, it becomes easy to have a friend or a friend of a friend vouch for you. This adds considerable credibility and eases the hiring process.

Build your professional network. 

As you’re building your personal network on the platform, be sure to add to your professional network too. You can reach out to new potential clients and connect with them on the site, and offer to undertake various projects that they’re looking for support with. As your network grows, so will your opportunities for collaboration.

Seek Recommendations from your network. 

Recommendations is important as it builds credibility. While you can copy Recommendations from previous work and paste it in your profile, the true value in RadialHub is getting Recommendations from your network inside RadialHub itself. So getting your friends and family to sign-up and recommend you and your skills has tremendous advantages to increasing your overall score.

Identify multiple income streams. 

Many freelancers recognize that their skills are varied, and they can market their services in a number of ways. For instance, if you’re a talented writer, you might also be able to proofread and edit articles for clients and also write content for web designers and content managers. When you take stock of your skills and think carefully about how you can contribute, you will quickly realize that you can offer multiple services and set up more than one income stream.

Find and apply for gigs.

When you’re happy with your profile and are clear about your offer, it’s time to find and apply for gigs. RadialHub lets you know when a gig is posted that matches your profile, so you can apply for those that take your fancy. Although you won’t get every gig you apply for, you will get a good idea of how things work and connect with potential clients that might give you work in the future. If you find a gig that interests you, use the built-in Chat application to connect with a potential client and market your skills.

Communicate and agree on terms and conditions. 

When you find a gig that matches your skills, it’s time to close the deal! It’s vital that you communicate efficiently and listen to your client’s specific requirements. You will then have to agree on the terms of the gig and set an appropriate deadline. It is important to capture all terms within a contract. For example, is this a one-time fixed-price gig or will you be compensated by an hourly rate? RadialHub will inform you if base conditions change on a contract. Once you have a defined contract, you’re all set to get to work and make your client happy.

Deliver on time and repeat! 

When you’re working on your first gig, it’s so vital that you deliver on time or before schedule, if possible. If your client is thrilled with your first collaboration, they’re likely to give you more work again in the future. This is the best way to build your network of clients and to win repeat business.

Closing thoughts. 

RadialHub is the perfect platform for freelancers looking to expand their client base and find gigs. To get the most out of the platform, you need to ensure you create an excellent profile and build your network. When you start looking for gigs, you should remember that on-time delivery is vital and the perfect way to get repeat business.

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