4 Easy Ways You Can Grow Your Creativity Using Freelancing


Freelancing and adopting the life of a gigster can get hard sometimes, especially if you start getting used to a specific routine. To save you from those dry days, here are four easy ways you can grow your creativity.

1. Connect with Other Individuals

While you will be working for clients, you will also be working with other individuals. You must try to use this opportunity to your best benefit; learn from them, learn with them, connect with them and enhance your creativity.

Besides this, you can also observe their work style, work ethic, and the way they use their intellect in certain projects. This will also motivate you and push you to try new things and increase your creativity.

Most importantly, working with others helps you realize your mistakes, errors, weak points, and how you can get better in addressing them. Having the courage to learn from your mistakes, once mastered, is a tremendous advantage and can provide limitless creativity!

2. Try Out New Things, Take Risks

Just like surrounding yourself with work-focused individuals, trying new things is going to do wonders for your creativity as well. It will help your mind grow in new ways!

Take risks: Get outside your comfort zone by working on an uncomfortable idea related to your field – for example, choose a very vague topic for your blog. This will force you to explore non-traditional avenues to find information. It may just force you enough to get creative and think outside the box.

However, while you should try to force your creative bounds as much as you can, you should also learn to take a break, step away, and breathe for a few minutes.

If you have already been working on an idea for a very long time and can’t get the creative juices flowing, just leave it for a day and start again tomorrow. Many times, answers and creativity flow when you are away from the subject and are looking at it with fresh eyes the next morning.

Fire up your curious streak and try to get to the end of an intriguing problem or question. If your mind ends up wandering to a place of more questions and confusion, don’t give up so easily! Try to hold on to it, jot down whatever is on your mind, and start searching for answers.

This way, you will broaden your mental and spiritual horizon, and of course, your creativity too. Look for answers in books, videos, read writings online, and talk to people about it too! Each avenue can provide valuable insight.

Don’t be afraid that your queries may be considered “immature” or “childish”; ask questions no matter how irrelevant they might seem to you. Better to know rather than never pursuing a thought with great potential.

3. Take Advantage of The Freedom You Have

While it is essential for you to get comfy in your decided workplace, whether it be your room, kitchen, or a nearby coffee or book shop, it is also important that you try to occasionally get out of your comfort zone.

If you ever find yourself getting a little too used to the freedom or comfort of the gigster life, convince yourself to step out of your comfort zone.

Some ways to approach this would be to do the exact opposite of what you do every day, or at least a few times a week. For instance, if you are a web or graphic designer, try to learn a new skill or a new technique; or something that you have had trouble getting used to in the past.

4. Broaden Your Mindset

The best way to do so is to be positive. Being an optimist is not the only thing that should be derived from the words “be positive”. It also means that you should indulge in emotions such as joy, gratitude, compassion, inspiration, kindness, and hope.

There are numerous “positive” emotions that you can use, but the general idea is the same – to have an open mind and an understanding perspective towards everything around you.

Creativity is one of the foundations needed to be successful in freelancing. The above four ways can give you a boost in enhancing your creativity so you are ready to use it the next time you need it badly.

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