10 Absolute genius ways to earn money while at home using the freelance marketplace

10 absolute genius ways opt

With the cost of childcare surging, it’s no wonder that many parents are opting to ditch the 9-5 and stay at home. It’s not an ideal situation for many, as most families rely heavily on dual incomes to live life comfortably. So, what’s a stay-at-home parent to do? Hint: Use a freelance marketplace. Get creative with crafting viable business opportunities right from the comfort of home. It doesn’t have to be difficult. In fact, it’s not- if you focus on things, you’re already good at doing. What excites you? Motivates you? Keeps you fulfilled? Channel your effort into transforming your niche skills into tangible services. We’ve compiled a list to kick start inspiration for all the savvy parents out there and included some ways on how to get started.

1. Resume Editor 

How many times has a friend vented to you about their frustrations with writing their resume? They have a clear vision in mind for how they want it to be presented but struggle with bringing it to life. From someone who’s seen many types of resumes – there are key differences setting apart the good, the bad and the ugly. Take advantage of this common problem people face and set up a service as a resume editor.

Some tips for getting started:

  • Show off your creativity and make a collection of sample resumes, showing potential clients what their dream resume could look like.
  • Highlight the do’s and don’ts of writing, explaining how you can help deliver standout language.
  • What’s included in each service? Remember to be clear!

2. Content Creator 

Content creators – a title that’s been getting a ton of buzz lately- come up with new ideas and information and feed it to specific target audiences or niches. Start a blog! Help a business curate content for Instagram! Write an e-book! The beauty of this gig is that you can choose any topic or area that gets you super pumped to work on.

Tip: Whatever niche you focus on, remember to develop your own voice, offer unique solutions to problems your audience faces and develop a sense of curiosity to the world. Think of the how’s and why’s during brainstorming sessions. It’ll add layers of depth and organic quality to whatever you deliver – a simple but highly effective way to boost visibility!

3. Create and Sell DIY Items 

Custom decorations for kids’ birthday parties.

Unique designs pressed onto clothing to elevate an outfit.

Art so exquisite it deserves to be adorned in your hallway.

True story: I personally know individuals who are exceptionally talented at creating such items- all of which are side hustles. But maybe you’re unsure of what to make and sell. To get your ideas flowing, here are a few great options that someone of any skill level can create, right from home.

1. Body lotions

2. Kid-friendly snacks

3. Hair Accessories

4. Centerpieces

5. Party favors

6. Invitation cards

7. Candles

8. Fragrances

…the list goes on.

4. Virtual Assistant 

Gone are the days when you have to assist your boss in person. Many companies, agencies and entrepreneurs, are now seeking assistants who can get the job done remotely, never having to step foot in an office. If you’re someone who is highly organized, a strong communicator and can handle performing tasks independently- then it only makes sense to become a VA. Bonus points if you’re a master at Excel, Word, or Prezi.

5. Makeup Artist 

Freelance makeup artists earn a solid wage. Why? Because they’re able to capitalize on all kinds of occasions, making their skillset extremely versatile – not to mention valuable. Think: weddings, holiday parties, baby showers, birthdays, photo shoots- the list can be a long one!

To get started, figure out if you want to focus on a specific niche, such as weddings, or if you’re confident in adapting to different settings. Who knows – maybe you’d be more into a seasonal gig and focus on making epic Halloween makeup for all your clients? Create a portfolio of your work, highlighting before/after photos and various looks you can achieve. You might want to consider creating a website to showcase this, but if you’re not tech-savvy, look to sign up on a platform which will allow you to build your portfolio, expand your clientele and process payment (hint: radialhub).

6. Interior Organizer 

Being a parent teaches you a lot of things, but one in particular really stands out: organization. If you weren’t organized before, you are now. From kitchen counters to closet space, every inch of your house becomes a place to de-clutter. You’ve become an expert at interior organizing, so why not help others do the same?

7. Seasonal Work 

Maybe it just isn’t practical to be running a business at home full-time. Enter: seasonal work. What’s great about this form of work is that you can truly tailor your services according to the seasons. And don’t be afraid to think outside the box!

Take winter- the holidays equate to a ton of gift shopping, but that also means countless hours spent on wrapping said gifts. For many, this can be a stressful job, especially if you want them to look Pinterest-worthy. If you take wrapping gifts to the next level, then why not create a gift-wrapping service?

Or, if you’re extra savvy, make a gig- such as pet sitting-and only offer it during peak travel times within the year. Think: summer, winter holidays and spring break. It’s the BEST way to maximize your earnings within a limited timeframe, because you know your service will be in extra-high demand.

8. Meal planner 

“So… what’s for dinner?”

How many times have you heard that question being asked? In my house, it’s almost a daily occurrence. So many of us struggle with the grocery shopping, prepping, cooking, cleaning – ultimately leading to the only solution preventing all of this: takeout, anyone?

Use your meal planning skills to solve this everyday problem. Empower families with the right tips and techniques to make dinner creations fun and easy to make.


  • Make it unique – customize your solutions based on every family’s needs, goals, budget and schedule.
  • Make it foolproof – be sure to construct plans that include step-by-step recipes, a weekly ingredients list and cookware needed.
  • Get kid-friendly! The best way to earn additional clients is by suggesting tasty meals for picky eaters.
  • Be open to suggestions – frequently check in with your clients to see how they’re progressing and invite them to provide feedback for your service.

9. Baker 

Your master baking skills deserve to be showcased. Imagine the possibilities: from birthday parties to baby showers to corporate events, your sweet treats can be used for most, if not all, events.

What’s more, you could get even more savvy and market your decadent creations as gifts! Mother’s Day, Teacher Appreciation Day – there’s no limit to the kinds of gifts you could offer.

10. Budget Consultant 

Hands-down – the world needs more budget planners, considering so many of us struggle with our spending and saving habits. Work closely with clients to create custom budget schedules that fit their unique lifestyles.

Consider the following questions before your initial consult:

  • What are the goals for this client?
  • Is there debt? If so, how much?
  • Do the months differ, in terms of spending habits?
  • How much disposable income is expected per month and is it reasonable?

11. Photographer 

Your photography skills don’t just have to be for personal use. Why not pursue your passion and cultivate a full-fledged business out of it? There are so many avenues to venture down but it is up to you to determine what you want to capture – this is step 1.

Step 2 is to build your experience and credibility. Create a portfolio of work you want highlighted. Is there a specific niche you focus on? Baby photos? Headshots? Nature? Make it known.

And don’t forget to check out these highly coveted apps for all your editing needs:

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