A Freelance Marketplace Comparison

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A Freelance Marketplace Comparison: Upwork Vs. Freelancer Vs. FreeUp Vs. Fiverr Vs. radialhub

As a business owner, you naturally only want to work with the best to further your business. But what if you’re not ready to take on a full-time or part-time employee? This is where freelancers come in. Nowadays, there are many freelance marketplaces where you can find candidates offering just about any service, from virtual assistance and data entry to graphic design. Here, we’ve highlighted four popular platforms to help you find the best site to use for your business needs.


Upwork is currently the biggest freelance platform offering candidates with a broad range of skills from all over the world. Upwork allows you to browse freelancer profiles by service categories to identify the perfect hire that will match your needs. Alternatively, you can make a job posting to explain your requirements and expectations. Upwork will automatically recommend candidates for you to invite for application. However, this will not limit potentially unqualified candidates from responding to your post. You’ll be responsible for sorting through all the proposals and interviewing candidates. You’ll also need to make sure to set up milestones and track your freelancer’s progress, or else you may end up paying for unfinished work.

Upwork freelancers may charge higher rates to offset the platform’s 5% to 20% charge on their earnings. Clients will also be charged 3% to 10% in processing and administration fees depending on the overall project costs and subscription plan.


Freelancer offers a wide range of candidates. However, the platform gives preference to paid users, meaning that you may miss out on equally qualified but non-premium users. The process of posting and finding hires is the same as on Upwork. You may find that freelancers charge a higher rate on this platform as it demands high fees for memberships and takes 10% of total earnings. You, as the client, will also have to pay 3% of project costs to Freelancer.


FreeUp is a young contender in the freelancer marketplace space and has a selective vetting process for freelancers. FreeUp only accepts candidates who have shown professionalism and the ability to meet deadlines, and because of this, their pool of candidates is relatively small compared to other sites. If you do not find someone with the right skill set for your specific project, FreeUp will help you recruit hires at no extra charge. It’s free to sign up on FreeUp, and fees are charged upfront rather than cutting into work rates.


Fiverr offers freelancers with a broad range of skill sets, from dog walkers to graphic designers. You can find a hire to help you with just about any task. Freelancers post fixed-price offers that clients can purchase on the site. You can also look at their ratings and reviews to better judge whether the candidate is a good fit for you and your business. Beware that Fiverr does not have a support system, so, again, you will be responsible for making sure your freelancer gets the work done on time.


radialhub is an all-in-one platform designed to help freelancers promote virtually any type of service that they want to provide. It is also a great platform for clients to easily post a gig looking to find solutions to specific problems. Anybody can post a gig, no matter how big or small it may be.

Through radialhub, you can create an epic profile to show-off your skills, search for the gigs you are really interested in, talk directly to the client through the messaging centre and video calls, as well as receive payment on time.

There’s no better way to find the help you need or promote the skills you want to sell. Join radialhub today for free!

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