How To Post a Job And Find The Best Hire On radialhub


Finding the perfect freelancer to hire for your job starts with your job posting. All the skills you are looking for and the background they’ll be used for are crucial pieces of information that should be included in your job posting. Defining the scope of your job is an important part of explaining the job itself.

Job Title

In your job title, you can choose to mention the exact skill or skills you are looking for. This will make sure that the right freelancers will take notice of your job posting. Your job title will also set the tone for the rest of your job description.

Job Description

This is where you should put details explaining the exact specifics and day-to-day of your job. Include important things like what you want them to accomplish, when they will be expected to submit their deliverables, their roles and responsibilities, the project timeline and any other relevant files the freelance can refer to. This will help the freelancer understand exactly what type of job it is and see if they would be the right match.

You can also add in a list of skills that you would like, by order of priority. This will also help to categorize your type of job posting so relevant freelancers can find it on job posting websites and boards.

Next, you can outline your payment terms to help freelancers understand how they will get paid for their work. Payment terms will also help them understand the nature of their involvement and risk in the job itself. You can choose from a fixed price for jobs that have a fixed budget; hourly, when the amount of work cannot be estimated; or you can state that you want to decide the payment terms at a later date.

The more detail and specifics that you put in your job posting, the more relevant your applications will get and this can help you save time in finding the right candidate.

You can also include things like which geographic area you would like to hire from or indicate that it is a remote position. Some job boards also have an option to upgrade your job posting for a fee so that it will have high visibility on the board, so hopefully, more freelancers will see it and apply.

And if you feel like you are not getting enough applicants or offers, you also have the option to repost your job. You can edit your job posting with updated information or any changes and repost it. This will help to increase the visibility as well.

radialhub prides itself on being the go-to freelance marketplace for clients. Our networking platform ensures that you have the freedom to promote and hire for nearly any type of gig conceivable. We welcome all, and there are no limited categories, cap on the number of users or skill level restrictions.

As a client, you get to post gigs for almost anything, and we’ll help the search process with tags.

Trust plays an essential factor in deciding a freelancer. With scores of registered gigsters, it can become challenging to find the best fit for your gig. We make it easy for you: We help you assess a freelancer based on their merits and determine if they are the best hire.

Why Choose radialhub?

radialhub freelance marketplace provides the platform and tools to empower clients and gigsters.

  • Clients can promote and hire for nearly any type of gig conceivable.
  • There are no limited categories, cap on the number of skill level restrictions.
  • You can promote your services to your circle, and you can be a client and freelancer at the same time.
  • Our sophisticated Recommendations Activity Descriptors (RAD) system provides real-time stats based on 25 different factors. The RAD system determines how active a user is, the quality of their job descriptions and the value of their recommendations.

Here’s How To Assess Freelancers And Find The Best Hire

Once you’ve posted the gig, skilled freelancers or ‘gigsters’ can apply themselves for the job.

  • As a client, you can learn more about the applicant by reviewing their profile pages and their recommendations.
  • Get a better idea of their services and how they might be able to turn your goals into wishes.
  • Want to chat with a potential hire before you hire them? Our built-in messaging centre lets you chat, exchange files and set expectations.
  • Once you’ve finalized the particulars of your contract, radialhub has you covered with the finer legal wordings and processing.

radialhub’s job matching technology assists you with suggestions and notifies selected gigsters to get in touch with you.

After the gig is completed, payment is processed and both the gigster and you can rate the freelance work. radialhub also lets you exchange recommendations, boost authenticity and shed anxiety that comes with hiring strangers.

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