7 Ways to Market Your Creative Skills and Land Freelancing Gigs

7 Ways to Market Your Creative Skills and Land Freelancing Gigs

Struggling with planning a decent marketing scheme can be exhausting when freelancing. So can thinking of new ways to advertise your creative skills and landing more gigs. These seven ideas should help give you a boost in your marketing efforts!

1. Become A Guest Blogger

Do you own a blog? Are you looking for more, better, and new ways to market your creative skills? If yes, then guest blogging is a great activity to take on! This is great for you to advertise your content while actively taking part in SEO-optimization.

Guest blogging means writing and publishing a blog post on a third-party website or blog to promote your brand. By the same token, you can share other writers’ blogs on your own blog. There are some caveats though. Obviously, it wouldn’t make sense to give your direct competitors added exposure on your blog. As well, guest blogs should be educational and have relevant information, rather than being overly promotional.

When used correctly, guest blogging allows you to co-market and promote your brand and services, and develop relations with other people in the same (or similar) industry as you while also displaying quality content to your audience.

2. Make YouTube Content

Making a YouTube channel, posting valuable content, and being consistent with it could do wonders for your freelancing career. Along with letting you show your work and helping you engage more viewers, clients, and a larger following, creating such content will help you become part of a community that is very large and successful.

Moreover, creating YouTube content helps you communicate and collaborate with other YouTubers – especially those with the same niche as yours. It also helps you gain marvelous marketing opportunities quite smoothly.

One of the best parts about this is that you don’t need some high-tech equipment to create good YouTube videos! Everyone has smartphones nowadays and all smart phones come with very good quality built-in cameras. Simply use your phone to film fabulous videos and content to keep your viewers well-entertained.

3. Host Content Events

Content events are platforms for you to share your work, make contact, and get in touch with your future potential clients.

These events can be live webinars, live Q&A video chats, podcasts, and conference calls. You can also take part in live chats with other experts with a similar niche and be a co-host.

Furthermore, besides hosting content events, you can, and should, also join other networking events such as workshops, training sessions, conferences or talks. In addition to attending events that are relevant to your work. Joining networking events will provide you with additional exposure to your clients.

4. Use Lead Magnets

Lead magnets are essentially props for you to demonstrate your skill and work. This is something that is worth sharing with your prospective clients.

These props can be anything that is of value such as an eBook, templates (charts & diagrams), videos, quizzes for your potential clients to use, discount cards/vouchers and guides.

The simplest way to do this is to provide clients with content and advertisement material that they can also engage in, in exchange for their email address. Staying in touch with such prospects can oftentimes land suitable gigs as you build trust with your audience. You will also find a version of email marketing explained in more a little more detail further in this article.

5. Seek Online Reviews

Your website, social media accounts, and blog are all superb ways for you to publish your reviews. You can also consider adding a separate section for reviews and comments on your website. This would demonstrate you take the feedback from your clients seriously and maintain a professional aura everywhere.

Reach out to your clients on LinkedIn and request them to post a good review about you. You could also offer clients a discount on any future projects in exchange for an online review. This could uplift your public image and prove the quality of your work to others.

Asking for and getting online reviews is spectacular for you to engage more clients. Other than LinkedIn, you can also ask clients to post reviews on any other social platform such as Instagram or Facebook. Request them to post about your work and tag you for enhanced outreach.

6. Email Marketing and Campaigns

Email marketing is one of the essentials used by most freelancers today. It is precisely what the name suggests. You use emails to promote your skills and work, along with its products and services. These products can include most of the lead magnets mentioned above like discounts and eBooks.

The way to ace this way of advertising your brand would be to automate and build your email list, personalize your content, and eventually achieve easy and automatic growth for your freelancing career.

This way of marketing also gives you the ground to command higher prices which will then lead you to gain access to more clients and projects.

7. Constantly Work on PR

Being consistent is one of the most invaluable keys to success. As mentioned above, blogs, business cards, and participation in public activities and programs could give your marketing techniques and the number of clients and gigs a massive boost. Being consistent in these approaches and working constantly with it will assure you of continuous growth.

Taking part in offline events such as sponsorships could also help you run a successful PR campaign. Lastly, you should also try and see if you can get in touch with a journalist who can help spread your message more efficiently to the world to gain an even sturdier marketing boost!

To conclude, these seven tips should be an excellent starter set for you to amplify your brand’s marketing strategies and land more freelancing gigs.

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