9 Remarkably Liberating Rules About Freelancing

9 remarkably liberating rules about freelancing

There are so many aspects to freelancing, and it’s difficult to pin it down with a specific set of rules and regulations.

That being said, we think there are at least nine remarkably liberating rules about freelancing that will help you work on projects that inspire and excite you.

We dive into these rules below.

1 – Pick and choose your clients 

Here’s the thing – you’re not obliged to take on every piece of work that you’re offered. Some clients will feel as if they’re entitled to your services, but that’s wide of the mark.

One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you can work with clients that motivate and inspire you, and you should never work for clients who make your life more difficult.

2 – Don’t feel obliged to offer a discount 

When you engage with a new client for the first time, it can be tempting to go into autopilot and offer them a discount to secure the work. But this isn’t necessary.

Stick to your pricing and advocate why your work is worth the price you charge. You can always offer loyalty discounts in future when you have established a long-term relationship with a particular client.

3 – Boosting your skills = boosting your income 

As a freelancer, it’s so important that you don’t get complacent. The modern world is constantly changing, so the more skills you can learn and master, the more likely you will be to find the work that you’re looking for.

Equally, if you’re skilled and experienced at what you do, you can command a higher fee for your services. As such, don’t hesitate to jump onto an online course to boost your industry skills as a freelancer.

4 – Testimonials build your reputation  

In the gig economy, you’re only as good as your reputation. That’s why it’s so important to collect testimonials from your clients and display them on your portfolio.

Companies are unlikely to take a chance on a freelancer who doesn’t come highly recommended, so make sure you have a compelling base of verifiable testimonials and reviews that you can share in order to secure work.

5 – Set your own office hours 

Let’s be frank – so many people switch to the gig economy to take charge of their work schedule. There’s something remarkably liberating about setting up your desk at whatever time you like and working through your schedule without a nagging boss looking over your shoulder.

While some clients will ask you to be available at certain times, remember that you retain the right to be available whenever it’s convenient! To avoid misunderstandings, be sure to publish your office hours on your RadialHub profile, so your clients know when they can get in touch with you.

6 – Process is power 

Every freelancer needs a process to be successful. It doesn’t matter whether you use the latest project management tools – Monday.comBasecampTrello, etc. – or whether you use a simple spreadsheet or a pen and paper!

You need to work hard at developing a process that makes your life as a freelancer that little bit easier, and you will find that it gives you the power to make your life in the gig economy a roaring success.

7 – Walk away when it’s not working 

One of the best things about being a freelancer is that you’re not beholden to a particular client or gig. If something isn’t working for you, finish up your work and walk away.

This isn’t defeatist; it’s smart. There are plenty more fish in the sea when it comes to clients, so don’t waste your time or energy on those that make your life difficult.

8 – Help is available 

Some freelancers erroneously assume that they have to do everything themselves. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. You, too, can benefit from the burgeoning pool of talent within the gig economy.

You can work with social media managers, website developers, accountants, writers, and any other type of freelancer to make your life easier. Don’t be shy and reach out to your fellow freelancers – it will surprise you just how much more efficient your operations will become!

9 – Growth is essential  

There will come a time in your freelancing career that you feel comfortable. Your projects are regularly sliding into your inbox, and you’re earning decent money. But you feel flat. And you want to better yourself.

At this stage, it’s so important that you don’t succumb to stagnation. Always keep one eye on your growth as a freelancer, and look for innovative ways to take a progressive step forward. Without growth, you will never realize your freelancing potential.

Final thoughts 

The gig economy is a wonderful place to earn your living. As you can see from these nine rules, freelancing is incredibly liberating and means you don’t have to work on projects that don’t tick your boxes. We hope that you now have the confidence and inspiration to build on your RadialHub profile and work with clients on projects that excite you.

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