10 Things I Like About Freelancing, but #3 Is My Favourite

Things I Like About Freelancing

Freelancing provides a lot of benefits that you just can’t help but love. Here are 10 things I absolutely love about freelancing, with #3 being my favorite:

1. Freedom of Work

The beauty of freelancing is you can pick and choose the work you want to do. If a specific project doesn’t excite you, you can always take a pass on the request or decline to quote – the decision is completely up to you. Of course, sometimes you may be compelled to work on a project or task that may not be your favorite, but that is a subject for another day.

2. Ability to Be Your Boss

Along with choosing your work, you also have the freedom to complete it in a manner of your choosing. There are no restrictions on specific start times in the day or software you may use (unless the contract explicitly calls it out and specifies these as terms or conditions). You can use any resources you like to help you in the delivery of the work. In other words, you are your own boss and accountable to yourself. You are free from the shackles of a typical 9 to 5 job.

3. You Can Work with People Globally

Through the wonders of the Internet and modern technology, you can easily work with people who are far away from you, in remote areas or other countries. You can learn and interact with them which helps you grow as a person and lets you get accustomed to other cultures whilst making new friends and acquaintances from around the world.

4. Freedom to Set Your Own Time for Delivery

You can discuss your availability with your client and select or negotiate a deadline that suits you best. Although the art of negotiation is a skill, you can always discuss the reality of the time in which you can deliver the project. Being honest and truthful will increase your personal trust with your client. But do remember to stick to your commitments.

5. You Can Work Anywhere You Want

As a freelancer, you are not restricted to work from a specific location (unless the contract asks for this). While most people work from home, their kitchen, bedroom, or living room, others prefer to sit in a local coffee shop or library.

I like to go to the park in the morning, connect with nature while working on my project before heading home and continuing my work in my home office.

6. You Can Choose Your Clients

Other than the work, you can also choose your clients. For example, you may decline work from a past client or a client with whom you are not comfortable. Working in challenging situations or with problematic clients may sometimes be necessary for a variety of reasons, but you still have a choice in the matter.

7. Freedom to Set Your Earning Capability

In the world of freelancing, your earnings capability and potential are totally left up to you. You can take as many or as few jobs you wish depending on time and other circumstances. While the opportunity to take on more work and consequently earn more may sound very enticing, do remember that you need to deliver on your commitments. There’s nothing that will harm a freelancer’s career more than getting a poor rating or recommendation.

8. Room to Improve Your Skills

A freelancer is a one-man business. In such instances, the freelancer has to deal with various activities that, in a large organization, may be handled by different departments. For example, along with the specific skill to deliver the job, a freelancer typically may have to write contracts, do invoicing, follow up on payments, communicate and create plans, provide estimates, and manage scope.

While this may sound daunting, the flip side is that there’s plenty of room and opportunity to learn these skills. In the end, you become better with each job and considerably improve your overall skills.

9. Freedom from Boredom

The most common complaint from classic 9-to-5’ers is that they do the same job every day. This leads to boredom along with frustration on lack of growth etc.

When you freelance, since you largely control almost every aspect of the job when it comes to delivery, you get to choose your hours, the pace at which you work, how you work and everything in between. This creates a very fulfilling and enriching work experience; something a typical 9-to-5 simply cannot provide.

10. Freedom to Create A Healthy Work-Life Balance

A freelancer has the ability to select working hours, which provides a lot of flexibility in maintaining a proper work-life balance. Need to take a break for an hour to drop the kid to daycare? Sure. Need to take a short break to pick up groceries for evening dinner? No problem. Want to take an extended lunch break and do some high intensity cardio? Absolutely.

A freelancing career can be very enriching and rewarding. However, this “freedom” must be closely balanced in ensuring timely delivery, sticking to your commitments and not getting overly distracted in your delivery process.

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